Strawberry Milk Chocolate

How does it taste? Of salty sweet milk chocolate blended with strawberries!

What pairs well with it? Champagne, shortbread, the gingersnap bar, graham cracker, or a vanilla malt milkshake. 

Ingredients Cacao, milk, cane sugar, strawberry, cocoa butter, whiskey, salt. 

Allergens: Contains milk and wheat.

Bar weight 2 Oz. 

Maker process At origin, cacao grows on a medium-sized tree, the cacao pods growing right from the trunk sometimes! Once they're harvested, the thick skin (about 10x times as thick than an orange peel) of the pod is removed. The beans inside are then fermented and screen dried in the sun. Once dried the cocoa beans are sorted for quality, bagged, and packed up into burlap sacks to travel to the United States by sea.  When it arrives at the port the cacao is roasted and stone ground with carefully selected high-quality ingredients that will further highlight the flavor of the bean. Then the chocolate is tempering, pouring, setting, inspecting, and hand-wrapped before boxing it up to send to local independent retailers or clients. As you enjoy this bar may the feel, taste, and experience be a unique pleasure. 

Barcode 8.60004.01831.5 (Shared barcode for limited releases on our menu)


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