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Learn more about what ingredients we're working with and how we chose them.

Flavor Driven

Above all else, we're taste-testing to find the best ingredients available so that our flavor foundation is just right. 

Supporting NGO’s

Non Profit organizations are built directly into our supply chain, so for every bar we make, we are involved in some significant causes.

Ethical Buying 

Fairtrade, beyond fair trade, rainforest alliance, and sustainably sourced ingredients are within this list because a delicious chocolate bar made with the best ingredients naturally supports the planet and communities that help us make our products possible.


With every bar we make we aim to craft a unique and approachable flavor combination, all bars enter the line as a limited release, and the greatest hits join our year-round menu. Have an idea for a bar? We'd love to hear it, our clients have inspired most of the bars you'll see below here. We'll always choose the most nutrient driven ingredients that have the best flavor. 

Dark Chocolate

Milk Chocolate 

We evolve and grow, look for information to be updated here periodically as needed. Please check back for the most up to date information.