Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Chelsea and the Chocolate Factory different?

We're a woman founded, owned, and led chocolate brand crafting approachable flavors clients love.

Chelsea started in the Chocolate industry developing and leading a chocolate brand founded in 2010 and in 2020 set out to build a brand all her own making flavor profiles clients have long enjoyed as well as exploring new items concentrating on ingredients that will support client wellness goals. 

You can trust our ingredients are good, that we're crafting a line based on flavor, and that we're very passionate about what we do.

If 3 clients ask for a bar flavor to be made we'll start testing and put it out there once we've created something truly delicious. Depending on how many people get addicted to it, it may be added to the year-round menu. We're building this independent brand especially for you. 

I am a buyer + would like to review the line for my shop - who should I contact?

We can't wait to hear from you, please create a client account then contact us with the log in email used as well as a little bit about your business. We'll respond with your custom access details and you'll be ready to shop. We're committed to working with other independently owned businesses just like you.

How can I stay in the loop about new bars, news, + recipes?

 Follow us on Instagram and sign up for our newsletter, both can be found at the footer of this page. Say hi, we'd love to chat with you! 

 How much is shipping?

Shipping options are based on the delivery address, please calculate at check out & be sure to check our banner for any current promotions we may be running. 

When will my order arrive?

We ship on Monday and Tuesday during the warmer months when the shipment begins tracking via email note the delivery estimate provided. When it comes, please bring in out of the heat as soon as possible. 

What if I live in a hot climate, will my chocolate melt during shipping?

Any order going to a warm climate will have complimentary cold packaging to ensure that it doesn’t melt in transit. Our team checks the weather forecast for your shipping location and packages your order appropriately. 

How does a chocolate bar get added to the line?

We love to bring you new flavors, ideas will often start with a single ingredient, dessert, desired pairing, or flavor profile in mind. In many cases, we're inspired in conversations with our clients to explore a new flavor. 

Chelsea has become very wellness-focused in her day to day over the years to keep her high energy and focused in her work, occasionally you'll see some products that feature superfoods she builds into her routine with the hopes that it will bring joy and flavor to your life too. 

I want to work with Chelsea, What's the best way to connect?

Say hello using any contact option or via Instagram, we can't wait to hear what you have in mind.