Club Cocoa

Receive a box from Chelsea each month curated to your taste from our year-round, seasonal, and specialty items crafted just for our subscribers. 

The box will contain a mix of our newest and most creative chocolate bars and confections mixed in with our classic line. All items will be gluten and dairy-free. 


For the goddess of self-control and moderate indulgence. 3 bars or a mix of bars, truffles, or confections to savor over the month. 


Enjoy and share. 5 bars or a mix of bars, truffles, or confections to enjoy.


Share big love, for the person who's always sharing their favorite things with others. Club Cocoa Bliss comprises 10 bars or a mix of bars, truffles, or confections.

If given as a gift, the recipient will receive a note via mail with the first shipment sharing the sweet mail that will be coming each month to them along with your gift note. 

Shipping is included in the recurring monthly purchase prices listed below.

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