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Shaved Dark Milk Chocolate

How does it taste?  A slightly sweet 55% dark buttermilk chocolate, unsalted for easy use in recipes.

How is it commonly used? In hot chocolate, drinking chocolate, steamed into a mocha by baristas, smoothies, brownies, or shakes. Use as a garnish on a lovely smoothie bowl, ice cream sundae, or frozen yogurt. 

Ingredients Buttermilk chocolate made with direct trade organic cacao, organic buttermilk, organic cane sugar, and organic cacao butter.

Allergens Milk

Maker process This single origin chocolate is crafted from bean to shaving. We start with the raw beans that are hand sorted for quality. Once sorted we roast the cacao, stone grind until the mouthfeel of the chocolate lets us know it's time to remove (usually around 3 days), and temper in a small batch. Once the shaved chocolate is crafted, our team inspects each batch for cosmetic beauty and a uniform look. To finish this item we wrap it in food-safe bags and label it with a handmade craft paper that's hand-dyed, sun-dried on screens, and sustainably produced. We hope that as you enjoy this item in hot cocoa or baking - the feel, taste, and experience is a unique pleasure. 

Bar Code None, limited release at this time.  

Complimentary cold packing on shipments heading to warmer destinations, weather checked by our team daily. 

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