recipe overnight breakfast oats using our rise and shine blend of Moringa, MCT Oil, Brown Rice Protein Powder, Cocoa Powder, and Oats.

Rise & shine with energizing Moringa, cocoa powder, rice protein powder, mct oil, and make an overnight breakfast oats recipe. Garnish with all the pretty things in the morning & get after whatever’s on your list. 

Simply add one packet to as much oats as you desire, fill to half an inch over oats milk or water, then cover and leave in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning garnish with your favorite fruit, nuts, or edible flowers. 

Pro tip: if you have less time to enjoy your meal in the morning than expected, simply throw it into the blender with a little extra water and take the smoothie with you to the work station. This energizing blend gives me all the energy and delicious flavors that keep me physically busy mornings on track, even lifting 20-pound blocks of chocolate or hauling packages to the post. 

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How do you use the energizing Rise and Shine blend? Share with us at @chelseaandthechocolatefactory.


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