golden milk white chocolate bark recipe with chelsea and the chocolate factory. great interactive chooclate dessert idea!

When I'm doing initial R&D for flavor profiles, I begin by bringing out a small at-home chocolate tempering machine and testing out the recipe. Once I've done what I need to do, I create a bark board to share with friends and family.

The season and flavors were just right to make a seasonal fig and edible flower bark board. 

 Making golden milk white chocolate bark recipe with chelsea and the chocolate factory.


To make this at home order 4 bars of the golden milk white chocolate and head to the local organic grocer or farmer's market to find seasonal fresh fruit as well as edible flowers (often stocked in the produce section near packaged herbs). 

First wash and completely dry all fruit, herbs, and edible flowers. cut any fruit to the proportions you'd like it on the board. Let stand on a dishcloth to dry further, we want as little moisture hitting the chocolate as possible. 

Golden Milk White Chocolate Bark Recipe by Chelsea and the Chocolate Factory. Interactive dessert recipe for the family.

Use a double boiler to melt down the chocolate, this can be any two pots that are not prone to heat breakage and will stack together. The bottom one gets filled with boiling hot water while the top one contains chocolate and is covered. If you need to replace hot water as it cools to get chocolate fully melted, that's totally okay. Once it's melted, use a spatula or spoon ladle to move the melted golden milk white chocolate to a platter where you're ready to decorate! 

I love the idea of making this an interactive dessert for the family to do together. Please share your creations with us at @chelseaandthechocolatefactory.

Chelsea Russo of Chelsea and the Chocolate Factory

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