Recipe: Dreamy Strawberry Macarons

Happy Valentine’s Day week. Want to make something delicious that’s a bit challenging to master but very satisfying when you do? Try out this strawberry macaron recipe, enough to share with neighbors & friends! This one is big because macarons need practice, if this is the first time making them please plan on having some delicious but not perfect macarons along the way. You can do it!

1. .5 cups (roughly 4 eggs) Egg whites set out at room temperature for 2 hours.

2. While the eggs set sift 1.2 cups of powdered sugar, 2 tbsp freeze dried strawberry powder, and 1 cup of almond flour, then mix together.

3. Measure out .5 cups regular sugar & once the egg whites have set for 2 hours gradually mix in the sugar with a mixer to allow it to become frothy.

4. Fold in the sifted almond flour & powdered sugar blend gradually.

5. Scoop into a pastry bag & pipe into circles on silicon baking sheet or other nonstick bakeware.

6. Gently tap the sheet tray on the counter for 30 seconds just hard enough to let the mixture slightly settle. If you’re needing to do this very quietly put a kitchen towel or oven mitt underneath.

7. Let sit for 3 hours

8. Mix filling (might have extra, can be frozen) .5 lbs cubed butter (usually half a package) mixed with 3.75 cups powdered sugar, 2 tbsp freeze dried strawberries, & .5 cups strawberry jam on low speed until blended together. Let this whip in the mixer until light & fluffy. (There’s slightly less frosting than is provided for the macaron shells because they break & take more practice to perfect. If you end up with extra frosting it can be frozen & whipped again to use later. )

9. When ready to assemble, use pastry bag again to pipe into the middle. Option to add in jam, sprinkles, flowers, or chocolate shavings to finish.

10. Please, please, please reach out with questions, YouTube is a great resource,  & share your baking with us! :)

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