Cacao,  Your Favorite Superfood: Minerals

Let's talk about the essential minerals we give our bodies when we indulge in a delicious bar of chocolate

Magnesium Consuming about 4 squares from a bar of our dark chocolate provides roughly 36mg of magnesium. Magnesium helps our cells regenerate through a process called protein biosynthesis which literally balances us on a cellular level. Eating an entire bar of dark chocolate after a stressful day delivers roughly 45% of the recommended daily intake.

Copper Consuming a bar of our dark chocolate provides about 30% of the daily recommended intake of copper. While magnesium allows our cells regenerate, copper or other helper molecules have to be around to make it possible. Help your body stay high energy and mentally focused by staying within your daily recommended dose of copper.

Iron Eating a bar of dark chocolate is roughly 25% the daily recommended intake of iron, a mineral that our body needs to deliver oxygen throughout our body. Help your body stay alert and strong by getting your daily recommended dose of iron.

cacao beans and chocolate bar chelsea and the chocolate factory ingredient. Dark Chocolate.


For more information, here's a sound NIH resource.



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