Welcome to the newest chapter in a whirlwind romance with chocolate, Chelsea and the Chocolate Factory! My adventure into chocolate began about a decade ago setting up operations and branding for a chocolate brand based in Boulder, Colorado while I was finishing college and working two jobs with nearly nothing in my account. Over the years I bloomed into being a teacher, chocolate maker, photographer, packaging designer, sales gal, and so much more. I'm so thankful for all I've learned to bring me here, and to have you here on this journey from longtime CEO to founder.

I hope you feel like we’re in this together because I'll be building the bar line each season based on what you all are craving and asking for as much as the data driven research and taste testing I'll be doing. I’ll continue to share my chocolate nerd research, life must-haves, work outs, life hacks, self care, recipes, and uplifting resources along the way.

Tell me about the last time an indulgent dessert really had your number and brought the perfect combination of flavors just right for you? Text me all about it at 623.562.0688.